Yosemite Pictures

Get the latest pics on our trip to Yosemite for New Years 1999.  I have split this into pages for each day so that you don't have to download them all at one time.

12/29/99 - Wednesday - Yosemite Valley:
We spent our first day walking around the valley.  There aren't many pictures, but you can see them by following the link above.

12/30/99 - Thursday - Big Trees:
We had hoped to make it up to Taft Point and Sentinel Dome but the road we closed before you could get to it.  Instead we headed up to the Big Trees and did a hike up there.

12/31/99 - Friday - Ice Skating:
We decided today would be a great day to try the ice skating rink at Camp Curry in the valley.  We came home in time to rest before our New Years festivities.

12/31/99-01/01/00 - New Years Eve:
Well, this wasn't the craziest party in the world, but we had fun in our condo. 

01/01/00 - Tuolumne & The High Country:
We took a drive up to the high country.  We had a great drive.  We stopped at Tenaya Lake, a frozen river, and the Tuolumne Meadow.